Guest Post - Carol from Chatterstitch - Cherry Blossom Shift Dress

Today I'm very pleased to have Carol from the Chatterstitch blog featured here. Carol very kindly offered to guest blog for me in return for the cherry blossom cotton sateen.

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When Boz first offered me a guest blog spot for Fabric Magpie, I spent quite a long time drooling over fabrics on her website. There are just so many gorgeous fabrics. That was until I came across this beautiful cotton sateen.

Carol Cherry Blossom Fabric

When the fabric first arrived, I laundered it at 30 degrees and line dried it. I always do this although it takes a little extra time. I think it’s worthwhile as I once rushed in and made a dress without pre-washing only for it to shrink the first time, I washed it. That’s left such a bad memory that no matter how much I’m itching to get started, it’s not worth the risk.

I also really love seeing a new piece of fabric blowing in the breeze on a sunny afternoon all those possibilities!!

Carol Cherry Blossom Fabric

I must admit that I’m not overly brave where it comes to pattern and tend to air on the side of caution choosing plain fabrics or ditsy prints so to blend in, rather than shout out.

But this pattern was just so pretty I could not resist it. I also think that the colours really compliment my colouring, the pale grey background is such a delicate shade that the pinks really stand out and I really love the different shades of pink running through the branches of blossom trees.

Carol Cherry Blossom Fabric

The fabric is lovely quality and has a lovely firm structure whilst remaining quite light. I decided to make a classic shift dress with it as I’m suffering a little of the dreaded middle-aged spread and am dieting, I didn’t want to make something too fitted as I didn’t want to have to give up wearing it when (read if) I lose a few pounds and inches.

Carol Cherry Blossom Fabric

The pattern is the Audrey shift dress from pattern Sewciety, with a slightly adjusted neckline. I have reduced the neck width (as the original neck showed my bra straps) but as I wanted it to still be big enough to fit my head through, I added a little gap in the back seam and popped a loop and button at the back of the neck.

Carol Cherry Blossom Fabric

I must say I am rather pleased with my pattern matching!
Once it was finished, I’m afraid I couldn’t resist seeking out a lovely cherry blossom tree to take the blog pictures in front of this are actually outside of my local church, in Yorkshire.

Carol Cherry Blossom Fabric

If I hadn’t used this cotton sateen to make my shift dress, I think this would have made a lovely skirt with pleats as it takes creases beautifully or a nice crisp blouse maybe the Kalle by Closet case patterns or Wardrobe by me Savannah blouse.
What will you make?

Carol Cherry Blossom Fabric

* * * 

Many thanks to Carol for today's blog post. I can't believe that pattern matching! You can find more of Carol's sewing adventures on her blog

If you like the fabric you can find it by searching Cherry Blossom or look in the Cotton section while stocks last.

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