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It’s October and that means it’s almost time for Sew North West! This is the first sewing day hosted by Fabric Magpie for local sewists to get together and do what they love in good company. Today’s post is just to provide a bit of clarity and inspiration for the goodie bag swap for those who’ve asked.

Sew North West

The first thing I want to say about this is there is absolutely no pressure for you to take part. You are more than welcome to attend the event without participating in the swap, this is just an added little bit of fun for those who want to.

I’d recommend thinking about the swap in a similar way to a secret santa mixed with a traditional fabric swap table. The idea is to put together a little parcel of goodies which will be assigned a raffle ticket, then everyone who has put a bag into the swap will get to draw out a ticket at random to receive a parcel in return.

sewing patterns

So the question is what to put into your parcel? I’m personally going to start by thinking about things I might have put onto a swap table. Things from my stash that I’m not going to use anymore, but that are still of a useful quality that someone else might get something out of them. Fabric could be an off cut, but should still be a reasonable size that your recipient can make something from it, and patterns should be uncut where possible.

Then I’m going to add a little gift into the mix. This is completely optional but I think it just makes the package that little bit more special. I got this pin from Pink Coat Club when she had a sale on, and the thread cutter necklace was a freebie at the sewing weekender so it hasn’t cost me much to add these in.

Pink Coat Club

Last time I participated in a swap like this I got a tape measure and some dungaree clips for less than £5 from a local sewing shop. Some other ideas might be to make a tote bag from some of your fabric left overs that the other parts of the swap could go inside, literally making the goodie “bag”.

goodie bag

Most importantly, please put a little card or note inside so your recipient knows who their gift has come from and include your Instagram handle if you have one. You’re absolutely welcome to leave it anonymous if that’s what you’d prefer, but I’m sure when they make something from the swap items they’d love to tag you so you can see it.

My final piece of advice, and it works well for secret santas too, is not to break the bank (it’s just a bit of fun remember) but ask yourself if it’s something you would be happy to receive. Put into it what you would hope to get out of it, and if everyone does that we’ll all be happy.

Happy sewing & I'll hopefully see you soon!

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  • Joy on

    This is such a fun idea! Thank you for including my pin ☺️

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